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As time passes, skin gradually loses its elasticity, resulting in the emergence of wrinkles and noticeable loss of firmness. Treating fine lines may seem simpler than addressing skin laxity, as the latter affects all layers of the dermis. Collagen and elastin fibers diminish over time, contributing to this decline in elasticity. However, combating this issue is achievable through careful selection of firming facial care products and incorporating revitalizing skincare practices. Diadermine offers guidance and solutions to enhance your beauty routine, addressing your concerns about firming creams and effective skincare techniques.

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What treatments should I use to firm the face?

To accompany the effects of time on the skin, it is necessary to adopt a complete skincare routine including at least one day cream and one night cream. However, not all skincare products offer "skin tightening" targeting, which is why they should be chosen with care. Diadermine's LIFT+ range is specially designed to address the lack of collagen production and improve skin firmness. As a day care, the LIFT+ Elastin Day Care targeting wrinkles will offer your skin a real tightening effect. Its ingredients, 89% of natural origin*, combined with a plant-based pro-collagen complex, are suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. To prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated, the LIFT+ Nourishing Night Care targeting wrinkles will provide intense nourishment to the epidermis. Its formula stimulates collagen production and rebuilds a denser collagen mesh in skin structures overnight. Skin looks firmer and smoother when you wake up. In addition to this ideal duo, Diadermine's LIFT+ Immediate Radiance Capsules can also be integrated into your skincare routine to densify collagen fibers and recreate a resistant and firm skin tissue for a firmer face.

*including water

What are the best ways to increase the face tightening?

It is advisable to accompany your facial firming treatments with a "mechanical" gesture! Indeed, facial massage helps to reduce the loss of skin firmness. These gestures will also stimulate the effectiveness of the active ingredients in your cosmetic products. To firm the skin of the face, there are several self-massage gestures to perform.

  • Start by stimulating the sides of the neck (from the jawline) with circular movements that go downwards.
  • Place your thumbs under the chin and gently pinch the skin. Glide upwards towards the ears with gentle strokes.
  • Press for 4 to 7 seconds, using your thumbs, several points on the cheeks (below the cheekbone)
  • With the palms of your hands, vigorously rub the cheeks from bottom to top, outward.
  • Perform large, deep smoothing movements from the center of the face to the ears (on the forehead, cheeks and jawline).
  • Tap the entire face from the bottom to the top, with the pads of your fingers to activate blood circulation.

For maximum effect, these firming gestures can be repeated 3 to 4 times a week for a few minutes. Be careful, however, if you have sensitive skin, especially with rosacea: prefer much gentler movements so as not to attack the epidermis.

Tips for a firmer face

In addition to these massages, it is possible to apply other tricks to give a tightening effect to the skin. Facial yoga is a great way to de-fatigue the skin and firm it for a long time. Check out our article on The Benefits of Facial Yoga: A Good Workout for Facial Muscles That Helps Reduce the Appearance of Small Fine Lines. Nevertheless, you should not forget that the main beauty tip for a firmer face is hydration! It is therefore essential to drink plenty of water, between 1.5 and 2 L per day. Drinking well helps nourish the skin tissues that need it to maintain good elasticity.

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