The difference between day and night care


A complete beauty routine is often symbolized by the use of day and night care. Indeed, it is necessary to use specific treatments for the skin of the face depending on the time of day. Day care will act as a shield, while night care will have a function of helping the skin regenerate. Discover the subtleties of the treatments to be applied when you wake up and those for the evening.

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Day Cream

The day cream should be applied during the morning routine because it will act as a protection. Indeed, the skin is subjected to several external aggressions during the day, such as pollution, wind, friction with clothes, possibly tobacco, etc. A day care will form a protective film on the hydrolipidic film that protects the deeper layers of the skin.

In addition, depending on its specificities, the day cream will be able to adapt to the specific needs of our skin such as blemishes, dryness or wrinkles. It will therefore be possible to target these problems with a mattifying, nourishing or anti-aging day cream. The texture of this type of treatment is usually light to let the skin breathe and to allow the makeup to last well during the day.

Different needs during the night

The night cream, on the other hand, is applied during the evening routine, after the skin cleansing step. The skin has different needs during the night, because this is the time when it regenerates. As a result, the night cream will often be more nourishing to provide it with more lipids! Its texture will therefore generally be richer than that of the day cream.

Obviously, as with day care, adapting your night cream according to the main problem of our skin is essential.

Which treatments should be best for in the morning and evening?

Two moments are essential when applying your day cream and your night cream. A routine is therefore divided into two stages, in the morning for the day cream and in the evening for the night cream, for the reasons mentioned above.

Day care, best done in the morning

  • To meet the needs of dry and sensitive skin, the PH5 Protective Moisturizer Day Care will be ideal. Its non-sticky texture does not clog the pores of the skin and absorbs quickly into the skin.
  • To target wrinkles, Expert Bio day cream helps to firm and smooth the skin by stimulating the natural production of collagen.
  • Finally, for dry skin, choose the Expert Nutrition cream with Marula oil and Shea butter content, the treatment will nourish the skin to restore all its firmness.

Night care, best done in the evening

Need a guide to choosing your Diadermine night care?

  • Mature skin needs more hydration to target wrinkles. If this is the case for your skin, it is best to turn to the Expert Night Anti-Wrinkle cream. Your skin will then be revitalized when you wake up.
  • Finally, the Lift+ Nourishing Night treatment is composed of sweet almond oil and plant-based pro-collagen complex. It offers a targeted action against fine lines and wrinkles and will allow the skin to be smoother and firmer, as if regenerated.


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