Retinol is a vitamin A derivative and is called the “gold-standard in anti-aging”. It is one of the few substances that contributes to a visible reduction in wrinkles when used over the long term. 

Retinol in a nutshell: 


  • One of the most important anti-ageing ingredients in skin care
  • Effect: anti-aging, regenerating, antioxidant
  • Recommended use: In creams or as a serum
  • Skin types: Mature skin with wrinkles and/or pigmentation disorders and acne
  • Tip: as it may be harmful to especially to dry and sensitive skin use it only during your night care routine

The Benefits

Retinol is one of the best-researched substances in dermatocosmetics, is called the “gold-standard in anti-aging” and is one of the few substances that contributes to a visible reduction in wrinkles when used over the long term. As an antioxidant, retinol also protects against oxidative stress and is used in the treatment of acne.

But: It can irritate the skin, so it is only permitted in concentrations of up to 0.03%.


The benefits of retinol in skin care:

  • Reduces wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of elasticity - the classic signs of sun-aged and mature skin
  • Promotes the shedding of dead skin cells and thus stimulates the formation of new skin cells
  • Firms the skin by restructuring the skin's own structural proteins such as elastin and collagen
  • Stimulates collagen formation. This reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and (acne) scars
  • Has an antioxidant effect and thus reduces the damaging influence of processes that attack the skin structure

Diadermine x Retinol

In Diadermine products, we use plant-based alternative with better skin compatibility instead of traditional Retinol.

According to our biomimetic principle Samphira oil, a superior alternative to Retinol known for its similar effects but with exceptional skin tolerance, ensuring effective and gentle anti-aging care.

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