Anti-age checklist for a youthful look


Ideally, we women would like to look young all the time. Unfortunately, reality looks different. Fortunately, there is no need to worry, with the help of a few good tools, anti-aging can be very easily integrated into our daily routines.

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Good anti-age habits

Of course, good anti-ageing creams and serums help against ageing skin, but there is much more you can do by adjusting your attitude to life. We are getting older and older and want to keep looking young, is this realistic? Cell renewal is optimal when you are young, with age this process decreases. The sooner we accept this and adjust our habits, the sooner anti-ageing becomes natural.

Our Diadermine anti-aging checklist

It's really not that difficult to live a life that helps combat the signs of ageing - it's a lifestyle. Here are a few rules of thumb you can keep in mind:

1. Wear your sunscreen!

You have to wear SPF every day! That is why you should always apply a day cream to face and neck that contains a sunscreen factor. Note that even on cloudy days, it is best to use such a cream.
This way, you will slow down the skin's ageing process. So make sure your anti-ageing cream has an SPF.

2. Fruit and veggies? YES PLEASE!

Not only our bodies need vitamins and minerals, they are also essential for the natural anti-ageing of the skin. So make sure you develop a balanced and varied diet.

3. Smoking? NO THANKS!

Not only is smoking very unhealthy, but it also causes the skin to age quickly. Daily smoking causes many extra wrinkles, especially around the mouth. Moreover, smoke dries out your skin and slows down blood circulation. No anti-ageing cream or serum can counteract this.

4. Alcohol? Only in moderation!

It is okay to have a glass of alcohol from time to time, but keep in mind that excessive alcohol consumption weakens the skin's connective tissue. Alcohol also reduces the skin's ability to retain moisture; as a result, the skin lacks important nutrients. This results in wrinkles.

5. Stress? Take it easy!

Stress is not only detrimental to your health but it does accelerate ageing. High stress levels promote the release of the hormone Cortisol that causes wrinkles, crow's feet and bags under the eyes. Therefore, if you are stressed, find a physical or mental activity that promotes anti-ageing, such as yoga.

6. Take time to have your beautysleep!

Those who can sleep well benefit from so-called beauty sleep in the truest sense of the word. During sleep, our bodies release a growth hormone responsible for cell generation. This counteracts pale, dry skin and under-eye circles.

7. The secret to staying young? Exercise!

People who exercise regularly not only have benefits such as weight loss and muscle definition - they also stay young longer! There are several studies that substantiate that people who exercise regularly are more likely to live longer, have more energy and are generally happier than people who don't exercise. So ready to get started?

Our Diadermine Anti-aging tip

A healthy lifestyle, with the checklist above, makes a very important contribution to keeping skin young and healthy in the long run.

Using anti-age creams and serums like the Diadermine Lift+ Serum also affects appearance, but your mental state is also very important: smiling promotes anti-ageing and gives skin a beautiful glow.

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