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Who hasn't been confronted with blackheads? These small imperfections are located on the T-zone of the face: they are mainly found on the nose, chin and forehead. Also known as "open comedones," they often appear in adolescence, but can continue to clog the skin of adults.   So how do you avoid the appearance of blackheads? And how do you remove them when they are already present on your skin? Diadermine's experts give you all their anti-blackhead tips.

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What causes blackheads?

To effectively address blackheads, it's crucial to understand their formation process and establish a proper beauty regimen to minimize their occurrence.

Blackheads are commonly linked to acne, although this isn't always the case. There are two primary types:

  • Blackheads resulting from sebum buildup associated with acne. This buildup causes pores to clog, forming microcysts that develop into blackheads as sebum oxidizes.
  • "Occasional" blackheads form due to impurities like pollution, makeup residue, or tobacco clinging to the skin, clogging pores and leading to blackheads.

Tailoring your anti-blackhead treatment to the specific cause of impurities is essential.

Anti-blackhead treatments

The main anti-blackhead treatment: cleansing. Whether it's to eliminate blackheads due to acne or external aggressions, the very first rule to apply is to cleanse the skin. To do this, you need to use, at least once a day, a cleansing treatment adapted to your skin type. Lather on your face before rinsing with clean water, then wipe your face by dabbing it with a clean towel (rubbing should be avoided as it attacks the epidermis). To complete your skincare routine, opt for a micellar water to be applied to your face using a cotton pad. The little extra? Choose a micellar water enriched with probiotics. These are valuable allies in balancing your skin's microbiome. In this way, they strengthen the natural barrier of the epidermis and prevent the proliferation of blackheads in the long term.

Deep clean with an anti-blackhead patch

Experience a thorough cleanse with anti-blackhead patches. Diadermine's purifying strips effectively remove impurities and blackheads, leaving your skin purified, clear, and soft. To use, clean your face, moisten target areas (nose, forehead, chin), then apply the patch after ensuring clean hands. Press gently, leave for 10-15 minutes until dry, then remove for refreshed skin. 

Deep cleanse with an anti-blackhead patch

The moisturizing step is essential to complete this routine. It allows the skin to regenerate and restore its natural barrier. To do this, Diadermine recommends the use of a Protective Moisturiser to be applied morning and evening to a clean face. The application of this cream will strengthen the hydrolipidic film naturally present in the epidermis, so that the skin is protected from external aggressions.

Consult a dermatologist if the problem persists

If you adopt a daily anti-blackhead beauty routine as recommended by our experts, you will get rid of your blackheads. However, in some cases, medical help may be needed to say goodbye to blemishes. A dermatologist will be able to diagnose the origin of your blackheads and will suggest a medical anti-blackhead cream, or a superficial peel to deeply cleanse the skin and tighten your pores.

Prevent the appearance of blackheads

On a daily basis, food is our best ally against blackheads! And not surprisingly, it's sugar that's the cause of blackheads and blackheads. Dairy products and alcohol should also be consumed in moderation to limit skin inflammation. So choose a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and also in "good fats". And above all, remember to drink water in order to hydrate your body from the inside.

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