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Are you a fan of manicures done well? Do you love your colored nails? You're not the only one, 8 out of 10 French women say they wear nail polish regularly. Take care of your nails, paint them according to your desires, your outfit or a particular occasion... All of this is considered very pleasant until the moment of removal of the varnish! Indeed, although there is a wide choice of nail polish removers on the market, it is important to choose one that does not damage the nails to be sure to pamper your hands until the end.   For this, it is recommended to use an acetone-free nail polish remover, Diadermine explains why.

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Nail polish remover: remove polish without damaging the nails

Maintaining a pedicure or manicure can be a challenge as nail polish tends to chip and peel over time. In such cases, nail polish remover becomes essential to eliminate residual polish and avoid an unkempt appearance. Choosing the right nail polish remover is crucial. It should effectively dissolve polish without being too harsh on your nails. Properly removing nail polish is a crucial step in hand and foot care, especially if you plan to reapply polish soon. Residual polish can compromise the outcome of the next manicure.

When selecting a nail polish remover, striking a balance between effectiveness and gentleness is crucial. Acetone is a commonly used solvent in polish removers due to its ability to dissolve substances upon contact. However, its long-term use has been associated with detrimental effects on nails, weakening and drying them out. To counteract this, it's advisable to apply a moisturizing cream or oil post-removal.

Why should you use an acetone-free nail polish remover?

The action of acetone on the nail can be considered harmful. Indeed, this solvent damages the lipid film of the nail, i.e. its first layer which serves to protect it from external aggressions. The nail is then thinned, softened, dry and becomes more and more brittle and yellowed with use.


After noticing this negative impact of acetone on nail health, several cosmetic experts have chosen to replace it with a much less aggressive substance: ethyl acetate. This biodegradable solvent derived from the fermentation of lactic acid is the star ingredient of natural solvents. Thanks to him, goodbye to the strong smell of acetone that could also cause respiratory problems, a sweet smell replaces it.


Acetone-free solvents have a gentler action that still removes the varnish very effectively.

This is the case, for example, with DiadermineEssential Acetone-FreeRemover, specially designed for sensitive and fragile nails. Thanks to its rigorously selected ingredients, it removes all the polish while taking care of even weakened nails.


Are you a fan of dark nail polishes? More difficult to remove, they can still be removed without acetone! This is what the formula of Diadermine's Acetone-Free Express Remover offers, designed for all types of nails in order to quickly and effectively remove all polishes without damaging nails or cuticles.


As effective as traditional nail polish removers, Diadermine acetone-free nail polish removers smell great. For all these benefits, they have been recognized and consecrated among the best nail removers by several experts. Diadermine's Acetone-Free Express Remover has a score of 19.2 on the Inci Beauty website.


For optimal use, be sure to apply a sufficient amount of acetone-free nail polish remover to a cotton pad. Then apply it to the varnished nail and leave the nail polish remover on for 2-3 minutes. A slight pressure will accentuate the speed of the action, combined with a gesture from the cuticle to the tip of the nail to remove the material from the polish.

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