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Be careful, fragile area... When it comes to the eye contour, it's all about being particularly delicate in your beauty routine. In this area, your skin is thinner than on other parts of your face and signs of aging can appear more quickly. For the specific care of the eye contour, Diadermine has developed formulas that combine performance, naturalness and extreme respect for your skin. Here are our 3 must-haves for a perfect eye contour routine.

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Lift+ Algo Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Care

Crafted with 92% natural ingredients, this lightweight cream refreshes and smoothens the delicate eye area, diminishing wrinkles and fine lines while enhancing firmness. Puffiness and dark circles are visibly diminished. Formulated with plant-based hyaluronic acid for intense hydration and skin smoothing, along with botanical actives like eyebright extracts to reduce puffiness and antioxidants from green tea and fermented black tea to combat wrinkles. For optimal results, apply the Lift+ Phytoretinol Eye Care to the cleansed eye contour area both morning and evening.

Essential Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

We've created a Gentle Eye Makeup Remover at Diadermine to enhance your eye-friendly beauty routine. Developed under ophthalmological supervision, it effectively removes makeup while being gentle on the delicate eye and eyebrow area. Enriched with soothing cornflower extract and pro-vitamin B5, it respects the fragility of your skin and protects and repairs eyelashes. This gentle formula is ideal for those wearing contact lenses, ensuring makeup removal without irritation. Simply apply with a cotton pad to closed eyes for easy use.

Two final tips...

  • To respect your eyes, we advise you to always remove their make-up with great gentleness. Rubbing, pulling, or scratching the skin around your eyes to remove your eyeliner or mascara can lead to swelling, damage your blood vessels, and cause wrinkles to appear.
  • Another tip that goes beyond skincare, but is important for the eye area: sit at a safe distance from your computer screen if you use one on a daily basis. Positioning yourself too close or too far from the screen leads you to make an effort to see, and to squint continuously or repeatedly. This can cause dynamic wrinkles to appear sooner than you think.
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