How to avoid loss of skin firmness and elasticity?


From the age of 30, the face begins to see its first fine lines appear and around the age of 50, the skin begins to lose firmness. What for? Because over time, the structure of the skin changes, it loses elasticity and shows more and more signs of aging. Although it is not possible to stop the passage of time, we can nevertheless prevent its effects, in order to slow down the loss of firmness of the skin thanks to the right care.

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Causes of loss of skin firmness

Whether it is on the body or the face, the epidermis is subject to the effects of the passage of time and it shows! Because of the slowing down of its cell renewal, the skin gradually loses elasticity. In concrete terms, this means that fibroblasts, i.e. the cells in the dermis that produce collagen fibers and elastin in our body, can no longer do their job.

As a result, the skin loses firmness, as do the muscles that support it, resulting in excess skin being drawn down the face. This is called subsidence.

Loss of skin firmness can have several causes:

  • Excessive weight loss: following a period of obesity that had greatly stretched the skin.
  • Hormonal variations: such as at the time of menopause or following pregnancy.
  • An unbalanced lifestyle: especially with the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, which accelerate skin aging.
  • Age: which is by far the most important factor in the loss of skin elasticity.


"Withered", "soft", or "hanging" skin... This aesthetic observation can concern several parts of the body, such as the arms, breasts, buttocks, thighs or even the lower abdomen. But very often, it is the loss of firmness of the skin of the face that is the most visible and the most difficult to accept.

How to avoid loss of skin firmness?

In order to avoid these effects and to firm and tighten the skin, many techniques have emerged. Often linked to cosmetic surgery, these remain quite invasive and can be circumvented with the right daily routine. Indeed, preserving the firmness of your skin requires first and foremost the use of appropriate cosmetic care.

Anti-aging treatments against the loss of skin firmness

Cosmetics are essential in preventing skin firmness loss, especially as collagen and elastin production decreases with age. Anti-aging treatments are designed to boost collagen production and promote cell renewal, helping to combat signs of aging. Daily hydration tailored to skin type is crucial for effective cell renewal and slowing the appearance of aging signs. Diadermine's LIFT+ Nourishing Night Treatment is a prime example, stimulating collagen production overnight for intense regeneration and revitalization. For daytime protection against external aggressors, including cold weather and pollution, moisturizing is essential. Diadermine's LIFT+ Elastine Day treatment offers anti-wrinkle action and visible tightening effects, ideal for daily skin firming and delaying loss of elasticity.

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