How to keep your skin looking younger?


Our golden rules to significantly reduce skin aging

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Golden rule number 1: stay hydrated day and night

Dehydration accelerates skin aging. To maintain youthful skin, prioritize hydration in your skincare routine. Whether it's day cream, night cream, mask, cleanser, or makeup remover, ensure moisturizing properties are present. At Diadermine, we simplify your routine by infusing most products with moisturizing properties.

Don't overlook nighttime hydration; it's crucial for skin regeneration and collagen preservation. Consider our Active Lift + Vegetable Cream, enriched with botanical actives and plant-based hyaluronic acid to visibly reduce wrinkles. Harnessing the power of Fleur de Brède Mafane, known for tightening collagen fibers, it's a staple of our Lift + Botology range for smoothing and wrinkle reduction.

Golden rule number 2: Act as young as possible

It's never too early to start treating wrinkles, the most visible mark of skin aging. For a simple reason: it is dermatologically easier to delay their appearance than to mask or fade them. The first wrinkles usually appear around the age of 25, due to a progressive loss of collagen and elastin, the two proteins responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It is as you approach this key age, ideally, that you should start taking action and adopt good anti-aging habits that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Golden rule number 3: Gently remove your eye make-up

Removing your makeup perfectly every night is essential to allow your skin to breathe and absorb your skincare, but you should definitely do it gently. Rubbing, pulling, or scratching the skin around your eyes to remove your eyeliner or mascara can lead to swelling, damage your blood vessels, and cause wrinkles to appear. To inspire you, you can read our article “Which face makeup removers should I use

Golden rule number 4: don't multiply anti-aging products

When looking for perfect skin, you can make the mistake of overloading it with products. When it comes to care, it's the right amount that counts, not the quantity. Accuracy means using skincare products adapted to your skin type, and adopting a routine that provides your face with the right active ingredients at the right time. Multiplying anti-aging products, giving your skin too much care or feeding it with too many different formulas, can irritate it, cause inflammation, and exacerbate the signs of aging.

Golden rule number 5: Don't give up a product too soon

In terms of skincare, impatience or inconsistency can cause you to miss out on good products for your skin. When you try a product, give it a chance several weeks before judging it, as deep effects on the skin sometimes need time to be seen. It's nice to flit between several brands, products, textures... But a subtly formulated skincare product also needs to be in contact with your skin over time to deliver all its benefits and performance.

Golden rule number 6: a healthy lifestyle, without smoking of course

Don't smoke, avoid junk food as much as possible, drink plenty of water... Your lifestyle is obviously essential for maintaining the health and youthfulness of your skin. Smoking is its worst enemy. It significantly accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, as it deprives the blood of oxygen, which is essential for healthy skin. Tobacco also introduces destructive chemicals into the bloodstream, which attack collagen and elastin. All of these side effects result in dull, dry, and saggy skin. In addition, the repeated movement of pursing the lips at the end of a cigarette causes dynamic wrinkles to form around the mouth.

Golden rule number 7: as little stress as possible

Stress also contributes to the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. If you're constantly feeling stressed, chances are you'll wince and frown repeatedly. This can lead to the development of vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, for example. Do yourself good: The habit of going for a walk, a warm bath, or taking a deep breath can help you manage stress. Giving yourself a restorative mask is another ritual that will help you relax deeply, while acting on your wrinkles.

Golden rule number 8: protect yourself from the sun... even in his car

Frequent exposure of the skin to the sun without adequate protection, i.e. clothing or a high-performance sunscreen, can cause wrinkles as well as dark spots on the skin called hyperpigmentation. UV light can particularly thin collagen and elastin fibers, making the skin's structure less strong and accelerating the skin aging process. The vast majority of signs of skin aging come from unprotected sun exposure. Even in a car, you need to protect yourself: it's a place that exposes us to UV rays without us noticing. So always wear sunscreen in the car, especially if you're driving.

Golden rule number 9: Sit at a safe distance from the computer screen

By positioning yourself too close or too far from your computer screen, you may have to make a strain to see and squint continuously or repeatedly. This can cause fine wrinkles around the eyes. Think about finding the right distance: the one in which you have the most comfortable viewing sensation. Also, get into the habit of keeping your neck straight to combat horizontal neck wrinkles. And quickly add the Lift+ Algo Retinol anti-wrinkle eye care to your beauty routine!

Golden rule number 10: Get regular eye exams

There is a link that is rarely thought of between sight and the formation of wrinkles, because it is an indirect link. But it is real: the efforts of vision tense the face and imprint expression lines on it. So remember to consult your ophthalmologist regularly, to check your vision and adjust it if necessary. And don't take the fold... to create them on your forehead.

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