How to prevent wrinkles most naturally?


Through our dermatological research, we seek to combine ever greater performance and naturalness. Our knowledge of the most effective natural active ingredients that respect your skin has continued to grow for more than 120 years. The culmination of this expertise is our three Lift anti-aging ranges: Lift +, which contains at least 89% ingredients of natural origin, Lift + Végétal Actif, which contains 92% and Lift + Bio which contains 99%. Plant-Based Performance, what does it change for your skin? You be the judge!

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A plant-based approach to collagen, care that is more respectful of your skin

As we age, collagen properties decline, losing about 1% per year; during menopause, this rate can surge to 30%, leading to the natural appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, collagen can be regenerated and boosted. At Diadermine, we turn to nature for solutions.

Our Lift+, Lift + Botology, and Lift + Bio ranges stimulate natural collagen production and reconnect fibers to rebuild a dense mesh. With a minimum of 89% natural ingredients in our Lift+ range and up to 99% in our Lift+ Bio range.

For instance, our LIFT+ Botology Day Cream is enriched with Fleur de Brède Mafane, known for tightening collagen fibers. In our Lift + Bio range, organic hemp oil, plant-based hyaluronic active ingredient, and algae extracts stimulate collagen production, offering anti-aging benefits harnessing nature's power.

Top 5 active ingredients at the heart of Diadermine's Plant-Based Performance

  • The plant-based hyaluronic active ingredient: It acts like a sponge to maintain skin hydration, intensely moisturizes and visibly smooths the skin.
  • Organic hemp oil: An oil known for its anti-aging action. Its antioxidant properties protect the skin from free radicals and actively contribute to its regeneration.
  • The flower of Brède Mafane: This flower is known for its ability to reorganize and tighten the skin's collagen fibers. It is the main natural active ingredient in the Végétal Actif range. Its action: intensely smoothing and visibly reducing wrinkles.
  • Green tea and fermented black tea: These powerful antioxidants prevent the appearance of wrinkles and reduce established wrinkles.
  • The Quassia Amara: Extracts from this tropical plant stimulate the skin's collagen production.

Good to know

Most facial wrinkles are first dynamic wrinkles, which only appear for certain expressions. With age, the skin loses its elasticity and dynamic wrinkles eventually become fixed and permanent wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles can be relaxed and permanent wrinkles can be smoothed out. Thanks to Diadermine's Plant-Based Performance, you can act on all wrinkles by combining effectiveness and softness.

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