How to take care of a mature skin?


After fifty years, our skin requires a tailored skincare routine to revitalize and enhance its structure. Collagen loss, a natural occurrence, becomes more pronounced, leading to changes in appearance and needs. With age, collagen levels decrease, especially during menopause, accelerating the process. External factors like sun exposure and pollution exacerbate collagen loss. However, effective treatments can boost collagen production. At Diadermine, we leverage dermatological expertise to offer mature skin the most potent and natural ingredients, simplifying your anti-aging skincare routine.

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Expert Fundamental

For all-round care, opt for the Fundamental Expert Day cream and Night cream duo. The Expert Fundamental Day Cream is a nourishing cream that revitalizes, smoothes and restores radiance and firmness to mature skin. Its formula is enriched with photolyase, an anti-aging active ingredient that helps repair DNA damage, identified in Nobel Prize-winning research.

The Fundamental Expert Night Cream is a nourishing cream to be applied every night to repair and firm your skin, boost skin collagen and give you a perfect complexion when you wake up. This Global Night Treatment is enriched with endonuclease, another active ingredient that helps repair DNA damage, also discovered by Nobel Prize-winning research.

Expert Actif Hyaluronic

For dry and mature skin we also have a formula with pure hyaluronic acid and 5% micro-injected HA. This plumps wrinkles from the inside and fills 100% of the daily hyaluronic acid deficit. Your skin looks firmer and intensely smoothed. Use it during morning and evening and apply is around the serum for an optimal result.


Discover Diadermine's Expert range: our tailor-made treatments for mature skin

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