Double cleansing


Trends change. But radiantly beautiful skin never goes out of fashion. For this, proper facial cleansing is a basic requirement and this requires more than water and soap. Make - up, dirt and sebum clog pores. But double cleansing is more than just a beauty trend: spots, blackheads and other impurities don't stand a chance against this form of facial cleansing.

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Prevention is better than recovery

Double cleaning: once is not enough

A single cleanse is not enough to achieve flawless and radiant skin. The first cleanse only removes makeup; underlying pores are still dirty and can become clogged. Double cleansing cleans the skin in two steps using products based on both oil and water. Oil-based particles like makeup or sebum are removed with, for example, cleansing oil or cleansing milk; these products are oil-based. Water-soluble impurities, such as dust or skin cells, are removed with water-based products like cleansing water.

Double cleansing is preferably done in the evening, just before going to bed

Step 1:

Important: wash your hands, otherwise germs and bacteria will be rubbed directly on the face. Of course, the towel used should be as clean as possible. Apply some oil-based make-up remover on dry hands and massage the product into the skin. Then wash the face with lukewarm water. Tip: The right water temperature is important. Water that is too hot can irritate the skin on the face. Water that is too cold closes the pores, which does not aid cleansing. Of course, you can also use a cotton pad or a cleansing brush.

Step 2:

It is not called double cleansing for nothing: now apply a water-based facial gel and rinse with lukewarm water. When the wash gel is completely removed, rinse your face with cold water. This closes the pores and prevents further dirt build-up.

Step 3:

Apply a night cream to complete the cleansing ritual. Thanks to double cleansing, it is better absorbed; according to studies, pre-cleansing increases the absorption of anti-ageing ingredients by up to 30%

Our Diadermine cleansing tips:

Facial skin is fundamentally sensitive and needs a greasy layer. Double cleansing is suitable for normal and combination skin. Sensitive skin, on the other hand, should be gently cleansed to avoid irritation.

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