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It feels like yesterday that we could still function perfectly well after a night out. Fortunately, you can still be fit after your 20s. And of course, what is true for our bodies is also true for our skin. Provided we choose the right skin care and the right skin care products. If we provide the right skincare and use the best-fit skincare products, our skin can stay as young as our body.

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It is never too soon to start taking care of your skin

Stronger, smoother and younger: we often feel that our skin is racing against time. However, we can easily obtain youthful skin without stress by starting the right care early and using the right skincare products. The rule here is that prevention is better than recovery. Preventing young skin from looking older is a lot easier and more effective than making older skin look young again. 

Skin care from the age of 30: looking young is not a matter of chance

Many women find that they develop a completely new self-confidence at the age of 30. But more than that, a whole new routine develops when it comes to skincare: the skin's regenerative capacity decreases, it loses strength and elasticity. So use skin care for your face that provides a hydrating boost, such as skincare products containing hyaluronic acid. By the way, don't forget your eyes, neck and décolleté. Wrinkles develop faster there because the skin there is particularly thin. With ingredients such as niacinamide and peptides, you are already well prepared.

Skin care from the age of 50

With age, oestrogen levels decrease, causing the sebaceous glands to produce less fat. Moreover, the skin becomes more sensitive and its natural resistance decreases. The answer to these challenges is not to be found in botox injections, but in the right skincare: a weekly mask enriched with rejuvinol and argan oil so the skin can recover and certain skincare products that help fade age spots. Particularly effective active ingredients for young skin are retinol, peptides and quassia extract. They stimulate collagen production and soften the skin's surface.

Our Diadermine tips for youthful skin:

Every age presents its own special challenges, professionally, emotionally, but also in terms of skincare. Using the right skincare products, a big smile and a positive lifestyle have a beneficial effect on the skin.
We recommend Diadermine LIFT+ Boosters to get the best out of your facial care.

Skin care from the age of 20

Fresh, rosy skin despite daily stress and party nights? No problem for skin in your twenties. However, you should already start taking the right care to prevent wrinkles and the effects of ageing to maintain your young skin. Even from mid-twenties, young skin begins to produce less moisture and the epidermis loses its suppleness and radiance. Moreover, it is prone to developing the first UV - related wrinkles. Therefore, a day cream and make-up with a light SPF is essential for skincare.
What else is important for young skincare? Thoroughly cleansing the face morning and evening, as well as a weekly cleansing face mask ensure a fresh complexion and young skin

Skin care from the age of 40: The best way to fight wrinkles

People in their thirties still practice 'beauty sleep'. Thanks to a good night's sleep, fine lines and wrinkles can diminish. The skin is given the opportunity to recover. From 40, however, the skin struggles. The skin's own hyaluronic acid decreases, allowing it to retain less moisture.
The skin becomes drier and often looks pale, wrinkles become more visible. To combat a pale complexion, a weekly exfoliation is recommended; it removes dead skin particles and makes skin look fresh and pink. Rich creams and serums are also suitable. At night, we recommend a moisturiser with peptides as it stimulates revitalisation.

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