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Keeping your skin hydrated is paramount. It protects it from signs of skin dryness such as redness and itching, while maintaining its radiance. On such an important subject, it is necessary to develop (and maintain!) good habits on a daily basis. Here are 7 of them. How many of them have you already adopted? Is your moisturizing routine the best it can be? Let's take stock!

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Good habit n°1: drink, of course

The language of the skin is sometimes simple: when it feels tight, it's because it's thirsty! And one of the first things to check is that you're drinking enough water every day. The amount of 1.5 liters every 24 hours a day is essential. That's about a glass of water every hour. 

Also consider eating fatty foods to fill up on omega 3 and 6. They improve both the skin's hydration and suppleness. You will mainly find it in oily fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel.

Good habit n°2: make hydration the "common thread" of your skincare products

Every woman has her preferred skincare products, creating a personalized routine. While this diversity is enjoyable, it's beneficial to prioritize hydration across your products. At Diadermine, we simplify this by infusing most of our skincare products with moisturizing properties. For instance, our Soin Global day or night creams and 3-in-1 Express Micellar Water offer hydration alongside their primary functions. Prioritizing moisturization is a standard at Diadermine!

Good habit n°3: make make-up removal a moisturizing ritual

Skipping makeup removal due to time constraints is common but can lead to dehydration. Forgotten makeup traces clog pores, hindering moisturizer effectiveness. Before deeming a moisturizer ineffective, ensure proper cleansing isn't the issue. Explore our facial cleansing tips for products that remove makeup, cleanse, and moisturize effectively and naturally.

Good habit n°4: know how to recognize the right active ingredients

At Diadermine, our 120 years of dermatological expertise have honed our knowledge of effective, skin-friendly ingredients. For hydration, we've extensively researched top plant-based actives to ensure beautiful skin naturally. Hyaluronic acid, derived from fermented soybean sprouts, features prominently in our Lift+ range. Panthenol, another key ingredient from plants, is a staple in many of our creams and cleansers, aiding in hydration maintenance. Shea butter, found in our anti-aging night cream Lift+ Nourishing, offers lasting hydration, nourishment, soothing, and wrinkle reduction, sourced from shea nuts.

Good habit n°5: never forget to moisturize your skin at night

At night, your skin works to regenerate! It's essential to help it by moisturizing it before you fall asleep. How about trying a night cream with plant-based hyaluronic acid?

Good habit n°6: start using plant-based collagen

You bring more and more naturalness: it is this approach to dermatology that has led us to rethink the technology of our Lift+ anti-aging treatment. They are now composed of 89% ingredients of natural origin, including plant-based pro-collagen and hyaluronic soy active ingredient. The combination of these two active ingredients contributes to the hydration of your skin for 48 hours.

Good habit n°7: dry skin, moisturize twice

Dry skin can often lead to other skin problems, such as sagging skin. As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult for the skin to maintain its optimal moisture levels as the natural production of hyaluronic acid decreases.

Products that are not skin-friendly enough, or external factors such as climate change, can also have a negative impact on the skin's moisture level, and cause dry skin. For all these reasons, we strongly advise you to pay even more attention to your hydration when you have dry skin. To find out more, read our article on hydration consels for dry skin.

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