Specific treatments tailored to different areas of the face


The skin of the face is made up of different areas that vary according to several criteria: thinness of the skin, fragility, more or less oily parts or prone to imperfections. Because the skin around the eyes is different from that of the forehead, cheeks or chin, Diadermine gives you all its advice on how to choose your facial treatment according to your areas.

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The famous T-zone: particularities and specific treatments

The T-zone, comprising the forehead, nose, and chin, is prone to imperfections due to its oilier nature, often leading to blackheads, pimples, or redness. Despite this, hydration is crucial for this area and should not be overlooked. Special attention is needed to cater to the requirements of the T-zone. Similarly, the cheeks, often neglected in anti-blemish treatments, require hydration, especially post-summer to prevent tightness and the emergence of pimples. Therefore, applying moisturizer to both the T-zone and cheek area morning and evening is essential for balanced skin care.

Taking care of fragile areas of the face

The eye and lip contours are areas where the skin is particularly thin. They are therefore more fragile and sensitive to external aggressions, especially because the collagen fibers present in these areas deteriorate more quickly than on the rest of the skin of the face. Stress, fatigue and repeated wrinkling can quickly leave their mark on poorly hydrated skin, or poorly protected by a treatment that is not suitable for it.


Eye contour

Thankfully, eye contour products are available to address these concerns by smoothing irregularities. Apply them gently around the eye area before your day cream for effective results against drooping eyelids. To cater to the delicate skin around the eyes, Diadermine suggests opting for a natural eye care product like Lift + Algo Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Care. This serum, with 95% natural ingredients, offers comprehensive action against fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. 

Lip contour

The skin of the lips deserves special care due to its thinness, susceptibility to temperature changes, and constant movement. To maintain tone and hydration and prevent fine lines, it's essential to apply moisturizing lip balm regularly throughout the year. For a targeted approach to combat wrinkles, Diadermine suggests using Expert Wrinkle Patches with a hyaluronic activator. Applied to a clean face, these patches offer an immediate smoothing and plumping effect, effectively addressing wrinkles. 

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