Taking care of your skin in winter


As you may have noticed, the cold has set in at the same time as winter. It leaves us shivering and sometimes helpless in the face of a skin that also suffers the consequences of this cold. The main consequence of cold weather on our skin? Its drying out. The latter leads to dry skin or worse, chapping. So to take care of your skin during this period, follow Diadermine's guide to the best winter care.

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How to properly moisturize your skin during the winter?

Just as we adjust our wardrobe for the seasons, transitioning from t-shirts to down jackets, our skin requires similar attention during winter. Factors like indoor heating, cold winds, and temperature fluctuations can be harsh on unprepared skin. To effectively care for your skin in winter, prioritize hydration by opting for a deeply moisturizing day cream. Look for products with a rich, creamy texture to create a protective barrier against the cold, ensuring your skin stays nourished and resilient.

Winter treatment

Diadermine's experts recommend that you choose a particularly nourishing winter treatment, such as the Expert Nutrition Day Cream, which strengthens and nourishes the skin from the first application. This daily hydration allows the lipid barrier (the oily film naturally produced to protect our skin) to rebuild itself over the days, consequently the water present in the skin is better retained. The epidermis can then be exposed to the cold without becoming dehydrated and keeping all its radiance.

Does the cold particularly attack your skin during the day? The night can be used to regenerate weakened skin! To do this, apply a regenerating and revitalizing treatment to your clean face before bedtime, such the Intense Radiance Expert Night Cream. Its cocktail of vitamins C, D and H will work throughout the night, leaving you with soft skin when you wake up.

Opt for cleansing milk in winter

Just like day and night care, makeup remover is also a powerful ally to help your skin get through the winter months while staying hydrated and plump. So say goodbye to the fresh and light make-up remover of the summer holidays, and head for the cleansing milk enriched with moisturizing agents formulated for dry and sensitive skinDiadermine's Cleansing Milk brings you this comfort, thanks to its composition with ingredients of 96% natural origin.

Taking care of your skin from the inside out Tip #1: Drink enough water

As we mentioned earlier, winter skincare products to be applied externally are essential to strengthen the skin against the aggressions of the cold. However, to make them even more effective, it is important not to forget to feed and hydrate from the inside out. To do this, don't forget to drink about 1.5 L of water per day. Looking for some cocooning? Prepare a hot infusion for skin hydration and a warmed body from the inside out!

Taking care of your skin from the inside out Tip #2: Limit smoking

Cigarettes, and the nicotine they contain, have the effect of reducing the circulation of oxygen to the skin. Do you find your complexion greyish or dull? Maybe this winter it's finally time to implement the right resolution to quit smoking? Your skin, but also the rest of your body, will thank you!

Taking care of your skin from the inside out Tip #3: Sensitive skin of the eyes & lips

Just like the rest of the skin on the face, the skin of the eyes and lips are the parts of the body most exposed to the cold of winter. It is very sensitive, especially because the epidermis is thinner, and it is particularly exposed to large temperature variations when we speak, breathe, etc. For lipstick enthusiasts, hydration is all the more important because applying it to chapped skin and dead skin makes makeup look unsightly. The solution? Remember to moisturize your lips with a nourishing and protective balm daily. And let's not forget the small, fragile skin around the eyes, which is particularly sensitive to temperature changes. To do this, remember to use a gentle make-up remover, to be applied without too much rubbing. Then, choose a cream that stimulates cell renewal to achieve a nice plumped eye area, even in winter.

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