What is a face toner used for and how to use it?


Often forgotten in skincare routines, toner is nevertheless a must-have product. It offers many benefits for the skin and perfectly complements the cleansing action of face makeup removers. The toner is used after removing make-up from the skin, as a first gesture of care. It is a product in its own right that is frequently considered "optional", while it is the perfect ally to obtain a more supple skin full of vitality.

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Why use a face toner?

Using toner is essential for a thorough facial cleanse, eliminating makeup residues, impurities, and dead skin that can block pores. This prevents issues like pimples, blackheads, and premature aging. Additionally, toner offers toning and decongestant properties, revitalizing the skin for a radiant appearance. It deeply hydrates, enhancing the skin's receptivity to subsequent treatments. Daily use leaves skin soothed and primed for optimal care, adding a radiant boost to your beauty routine.

How to properly apply a toner?

Choosing the right toner is essential, tailored to your skin type to avoid issues like blemishes or irritation. Diadermine's PH5 Essential Soothing Toner is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. To maximize its benefits, apply generously to a cotton pad and gently tap onto the face, avoiding the eye area. Opt for specific products for delicate areas like the eyes, such as Diadermine's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover.

Use morning and evening

Apply toner morning and night to cleanse the skin. In the morning, use it before applying day cream to prepare and gently tone the skin. In the evening, after exposure to makeup and pollution, use it as a final cleansing step to remove impurities and soothe the skin before applying nighttime skincare. 

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